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Banda Aceh – Acting Governor of Aceh became the keynote speaker or keynote speaker at the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (CIMT-GT) meeting in Banda Aceh, Wednesday 8 August 2018. The meeting discussed the action plan for the Development of Urban Areas with Green City Vision.

Nova Iriansyah said, the topics discussed at the meeting were very relevant to the Aceh government program that implemented the concept of environmentally sustainable development (Aceh Green).

“We also certainly really hope, the concept of development

Aceh Green based can be continued with the development of green cities (Green City) in a number of regions, so that the Aceh Green vision carried out at the provincial level is strengthened by the presence of cities greendi in urban areas, “said Nova Iriansyah.

Aceh Green is one of Aceh’s development visions. Therefore, Nova said, he realized how important it was to preserve nature to be balanced with the pace of development that was going on.

“The Aceh Green Vision is basically not only aimed at maintaining Aceh’s natural balance, but also to support the spirit in addressing climate change which is an international issue at this time,” said Nova.

The issue of climate change is important to be discussed as part of the early anticipation of environmental damage. Therefore, the IMT-GT meeting is important to discuss the concept of development with a green vision to overcome the extreme events of climate change.

In the Governour’s Climate and Forest meeting which took place in Bali, Denmark, America and Paris, in 2009 to 2015, a number of developed countries proposed that developing countries that still have extensive forest cover to implement the spirit of green vision in its development concept.

Indonesia is one that is expected to support this spirit, because Indonesia still has a fairly large forest area. In Indonesia, one of the forests that has a large deposit is Aceh. Where there are 3.5 million hectares of forest that is still green, consisting of about 2 hectares of protected forest and around 638 thousand hectares of production forest.

To support this spirit, the governor of Aceh then issued Instruction No. 5 of 2007 concerning a logging moratorium in all Aceh forest areas. The aim is to maintain a life support system, strengthen community social capital and support sustainable development.

The rest is to maintain the beauty of the forest and restore the function of degraded forests through restoration and reforestation of critical lands. The spirit of the moratorium is the basis for the Aceh Government to carry out the vision of Aceh Green.

“Aceh Green is the foundation for the Aceh government in carrying out environmentally and sustainable development that is sensitive to disasters,” said Nova. [Humas-Aceh]

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BERITAKINI.CO, Banda Aceh | Head of the Aceh Investment and One Stop Service (PMPTSP) Aulia Sofyan said that a comprehensive answer was needed regarding the realization of investment in Aceh. Because, according to him, promoting investment is a cross-sector job.

“So, when someone asks for investment, not DPMPTSP itself is the one who answers,” said Aulia when asked for her response about the question of the Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia, H. E. Mrs. Pdivi Hiltunen-Toivio to the Speaker of the DPRA Muharuddin, why until now Aceh had not been seen by investors.

Aulia said, answering the issue of investment realization could also be from several perspectives. He himself chose to explain from a promotion perspective.

To BERITAKINI.CO, Aulia explained at length in writing the promotion that had been carried out by SKPA that she led. Not to forget he also included some of the achievements of the Aceh DPMPTSP.

According to Aulia, Aceh DPMPTSP has conducted a series of promotions both at home and abroad to attract investors to invest in the land of Rencong.

In 2017, for example, Aceh’s DPMPTSP conducted overseas promotion activities in several countries, but based on invitations from organizers, such as the activities of trade, torism and investment (TTI) forums.

“Our presence is to introduce any investment potential that can be developed in Aceh, security guarantees from the government, clear and clean land, incentives and facilities provided, guarantee of availability of labor (skills and unskill), and supporting infrastructure (roads, ports , airport, availability of energy and clean water), “he said.

The same thing is also done to attract domestic investment. Aulia even said that Aceh’s DPMPTSP had already carried out investment missions with a system of picking up balls to bonafit companies in Jakarta, such as PT Jababeka. This company, said Aulia, has collaborated with the City Government of Banda Aceh.

“There is PT Jaya Saka Aceh, now they have taken care of the company’s establishment certificate, and in the near future will conduct a field visit to see the availability of land for the core land to build a sugar factory in the Bireuen and Bener Meriah regions,” he said.

He also said that the promotion carried out did not necessarily immediately realize investment. Because, he said, investors need accurate data and information about the investment plan that will be developed.

“Investors’ interest to know more about investment potential is a success in promotional activities, with interest they will make a visit to Aceh. That way, our first point is to successfully increase the number of foreign tourist destinations to Aceh, which brings multiplier effects for Aceh, flight, hotel reservations, meals, transportation, souvenirs and others, “he said.


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Banda Aceh — Acting  Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah, asked SKPA related to the Special Economic Zone (KEK) Arun, Lhokseumawe, to assist the Business Development and Management Agency (BUPP) to accelerate investors to invest in the region. The SKPA includes the Aceh One-Stop Investment and Integrated Services Office.

“SKPA must help BUPP accelerate companies that have cooperated with PT Pelindo, PIM, Pertamina and PDPA or PT Patriot Nusantara Aceh (Patna). Give services that are fast, precise and easy, “Nova said afterwards

call the Head of Aceh’s One Stop Investment and Integrated Services, Dr. Aulia Sofyan SSos MSi, to the Office of the Acting Governor of Aceh, in the Blang Padang area, Banda Aceh, Tuesday (7/8)

Fast, precise and easy service, according to Nova, will help investors accelerate the realization of their investment plans in Arun KEK. “For licensing, leave it to the administrator of Arun KEK which is an extension of the Central Government, Aceh Province, North Aceh District Government, and Lhokseumawe City Government,” he advised. Nova also asked the Arun KEK administrator to be more active in inviting investors to invest in Arun KEK.

According to data from BPS and BI, 79 foreign companies have not followed up investments in Aceh. “This needs to be pursued and invited back. It is important to prove to potential local investors, as well as domestic and foreign investors who want to invest in Arun KEK that there are no illegal fees and easy and satisfying services, “he explained.

While Aulia Sofyan said, many companies want to invest in Arun KEK. One of them, PT Aceh Makmur Bersama who wants to establish a CPO shelter. Of the four companies that make up the Arun SEZ, namely PDPA, PT PIM, PT Pelindo I, and Pertamina, Pelindo is the company that has cooperated most.

Four companies are cooperating with PT Pelindo I, namely PT Aceh Makmur Bersama, which plans to build a CPO tank near Arun Port, PT Sinergi Tangguh Alam Raya (STAR) which will build a playwood business, PT East Continen Gas Indonesia which will build a Pressurized LPG business and the LPG botting plant, PT Prosperity Building Material which plans to build a cement bagging plant.

While PT Patna as the Arun KEK BUPP has collaborated with the State Asset Management Agency (LMAN) for the operation of state property in Arun KEK, such as the Arun LNG plant.

Arun KEK is planned to cover an area of ​​1,840.8 hectares of Arun Refinery, Dewantara District, North Aceh with an area of ​​582.08 hectares, and Banda Baro District, North Aceh with an area of ​​199.6 hectares. According to PT Patna, said Aulia, there are now several companies that have planned to start their investment activities.

Like PT Prima Inti Medika which is engaged in hospitals, it is operational. PT PIM will build NPK, PA and SA fertilizer plants. Then, PT Aksa, which will build a 500 MW power plant, and PT Sinergi Tangguh Alam Raya, will build a wood processing industry, and PT KAA has also been renovated to be able to operate again. (Her)