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Aceh Investment Priorities based on Mid-Term
Development Plan of Aceh (RPJMA) Year 2012-2017

  1. Agro Industry (Foodcrops and horticulture, Plantation, Fishery, Livestock)

  2. Infrastructure and Energy

  3. Tourism Development

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  1.  Increase the acceleration of bureaucratic reforms capital investment.
  2. Implement integrated planning and control on investment among central government, local governments and private sectors.
  3. Promote Aceh’s new branding image as one of the leading investment destinations.
  4. Increase quality of licensing and non-licensing services.
  1. Improve the effectiveness of promotion and quality of investment services. 
  2. Improving investment climate and realization of investment.
  3. Improving the quality of planning investment field.
  4. Realization of licensing services and non-licensing the prime.
  5. The creation of a clean and authoritative service apparatus.


  1. Increased number of investors. 
  2. Increased realization of investment.
  3. Achieving a comprehensive investment plan.
  4. Increased quality of licensing and non-licensing services.
  5. Increasing the quality of Apparatus Resources to the understanding of licensing and non-licensing.


  1. Number of foreign / domestic investors.

  2. The total value of the national investment plan.

  3. Increase in value of realized investment.

  4. Ratio of labor absorption.

  5. Percentage of problem solving in the field of investment.

  6. Value of Public Satisfaction Index in the field of licensing service and non licensing.

  7. Percentage of cases of complaints settlement of licensing services and non-licensing.

  8. Number of licenses and non-permit documents issued.

Target 1 : Increased number of investment activities.


  1. Increased quantity and quality of investment infrastructure;
  2. Increasing the quality and capacity of human resources of investment;
  3. Repositioning apparatus according to the competence possessed; and
  4. Implementation of various methods and quality improvement of the content of investment promotion.


  1. Distribution of investment throughout Aceh;
  2. Increasing the quality of local workforce;
  3. Investment promotion focused on the detailed plan.

Target 2 : Increased value of investment plans.


  1. Review and formulation of investment sector regulations that appeal to potential investors;
  2. Increased socialization of regulations related to investment;
  3. Improved monitoring and guidance of reporting of investment activities;
  4. Assessment of key commodities and investment areas.


  1. Improving the investment climate;
  2. Focus on developing agro-industry, infrastructure, energy, manufacturing industry, tourism, and science-based economy;
  3. Environmentally sound investments;
  4. Facilitation of cooperatives and micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM);
  5. Provision of facilities, incentives, and ease of licensing and non-licensing.

Target 3 : Achieving a comprehensive investment plan.


  1. Improved coordination among cross-sectoral government agencies;
  2. Comprehensive investment plan planning;
  3. Increasing the quality and quantity of data of investment field. 


  1. Consolidation and synchronization of investment planning at national, provincial and district / city levels.

Target 4 : Increase quality of licensing and non-licensing services.


  1. Deregulation of licensing and non-licensing;
  2. Improving the quality and quantity of licensing and non-licensing services;
  3. Improved coordination among cross-sectoral government agencies in terms of licensing and non-licensing;
  4. Implementation of merit system for apparatus of investment field;
  5. Increased competence apparatus field of capital investment. 
  1. Increased public satisfaction index in licensing and non-licensing services;
  2. Giving rewards for achievers who perform;
  3. Selection is open to licensing and non-licensing service apparatus;
  4. Provision of education and technical training for officers. 

Investment Opportunities



Korean Companies Plan Krueng Tripa Investment

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Banda Aceh – South Korean energy company BS Energy plans to work on Krueng Tripa’s power potential in Gayo Lues and Nagan Raya. Hydroelect...


Trade Tourism Investment 2017

November 21, 2017

Jakarta, (Thursday, November 16, 2017). Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf opened the Aceh event Investment Forum – Trade Tourism and Investment (T...


Aceh Electronic Licensing Ready to Apply

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Banda Aceh, Tuesday (24 October 2017). To realize a peaceful and prosperous Aceh certainly can not expect from the government alone. The role of the b...

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The Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency is the primary coordination body for the promotion and facilitation of investments and one stop services agency in Aceh, Indonesia. It is reponsible for providing a full range of support and services to investors wanting to establish or expa...


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  • We understand that the private sector is the key in achieving our long term goal to increase economic growth and greater job opportunities for the people. Our role is to create conducive environment that would attract investors to do their business in Aceh.
    Irwandi Yusuf. Governor of Aceh.
  • With the slogan of Aceh Gemilang, State Electricity Corporation (PLN) of Aceh Region together with districts and provinvial governments continuously provide full support in term of ease doing business including licensing. This is the key to achieve sustainable economic growth in building a more prosperous Aceh.
    Adi Dharmanto. PT Senagan Energi
  • Aceh is province which is growing in economic aspect after tsunami and MOU treaty. Aceh as an region that start a new age from a long conflict and tsunami, has opened many business opportunities. There are a lot of chances can be developed such as mining, agriculture, forestry and others business, since its angulation on 19 September 2006 Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh has increasing its income occupancy. Aceh Government has always supported to help either domestic or foreign investor to invest and develop Aceh. "Therefore, there is no excuse not to invest in Aceh".
    Octowandi. Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh
  • Since 2007 Medco has invest in order to develop Block A Gas Field in East Aceh and until the present moment. Aceh government, East Aceh Regency, Acehnese People and Stock Holders of Aceh government have also fully support Medco to obstacles happened during the implementation of investment. "We do hope this there support and cooperation can be increased significantly in the future time, hence the all investor will certainly feel pleased and confident to invest Aceh".
    Herman Husein
  • Moreover, with the increase visit of tourists to Sabang, our resort has become one of the best places to enjoy tourist attractions in Sabang. We ecpect the government will continue to sustain and facilitate the private sectors for ease doing business in Sabang (Weh Island), whic is zero kilometre of Indonesia.
    Tomas Kurniawan. Mata ie Resort