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Banda Aceh – Acting Governor of Aceh became the keynote speaker or keynote speaker at the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (CIMT-GT) meeting in Banda Aceh, Wednesday 8 August 2018. The meeting discussed the action plan for the Development of Urban Areas with Green City Vision.

Nova Iriansyah said, the topics discussed at the meeting were very relevant to the Aceh government program that implemented the concept of environmentally sustainable development (Aceh Green).

“We also certainly really hope, the concept of development

Aceh Green based can be continued with the development of green cities (Green City) in a number of regions, so that the Aceh Green vision carried out at the provincial level is strengthened by the presence of cities greendi in urban areas, “said Nova Iriansyah.

Aceh Green is one of Aceh’s development visions. Therefore, Nova said, he realized how important it was to preserve nature to be balanced with the pace of development that was going on.

“The Aceh Green Vision is basically not only aimed at maintaining Aceh’s natural balance, but also to support the spirit in addressing climate change which is an international issue at this time,” said Nova.

The issue of climate change is important to be discussed as part of the early anticipation of environmental damage. Therefore, the IMT-GT meeting is important to discuss the concept of development with a green vision to overcome the extreme events of climate change.

In the Governour’s Climate and Forest meeting which took place in Bali, Denmark, America and Paris, in 2009 to 2015, a number of developed countries proposed that developing countries that still have extensive forest cover to implement the spirit of green vision in its development concept.

Indonesia is one that is expected to support this spirit, because Indonesia still has a fairly large forest area. In Indonesia, one of the forests that has a large deposit is Aceh. Where there are 3.5 million hectares of forest that is still green, consisting of about 2 hectares of protected forest and around 638 thousand hectares of production forest.

To support this spirit, the governor of Aceh then issued Instruction No. 5 of 2007 concerning a logging moratorium in all Aceh forest areas. The aim is to maintain a life support system, strengthen community social capital and support sustainable development.

The rest is to maintain the beauty of the forest and restore the function of degraded forests through restoration and reforestation of critical lands. The spirit of the moratorium is the basis for the Aceh Government to carry out the vision of Aceh Green.

“Aceh Green is the foundation for the Aceh government in carrying out environmentally and sustainable development that is sensitive to disasters,” said Nova. [Humas-Aceh]

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Banda Aceh – Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah officially opened the 11th Indonesian-Malaysian-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) Working Group on Tourism meeting at Hermes Hotel on Friday (27 / 07/2018).

The meeting will discuss various cooperation measures to improve the tourism sector in three countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

“I express my highest appreciation and appreciation to the Delegation of Malaysia, Thailand and all the honorable delegates who came to participate and share in today’s event,” Nova said.

This opportunity said Nova can be utilized to enhance cooperation and promotion of marine tourism golden triangle Saphula (Sabang-Phuket-Langkawi).

“Specifically, for example, the establishment of Yacht Club in Phuket, then in Sabang and Langkawi, later they will be promoting the three locations to the international world,” said Nova.

Provincial and State governments from these three countries said Nova should share information, best practices, and other valuable experiences to make better cooperation for future IMT-GT projects and programs.

“We want what has been done in Langkawi and Phuket to also be implemented in Sabang,” said Nova.

Furthermore, Nova said, IMT-GT participants should devote their attention and efforts to make the participation process of IMT-GT cooperation more efficient, proactive and innovative.

“I propose, at least for the beginning of a clear agenda and work program of meeting the parents and the governors should be formulated,” Nova said.

Nova believes the IMT-GT meeting will be an excellent platform for future cooperation, particularly Aceh and can promote mutually beneficial relations between IMT-GT member countries, ASEAN and other provinces.

For information, Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Working Group Meeting is a working group tasked to follow up and implement cooperation agreement of tourism sector in the IMT-GT region.

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DIALEKSIS.COM | Aceh Besar  –  The Aceh Besar District Government follows a number of excellent products at the Indonesia-Malaysia trade fair – Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) and the 4th BIMP-EAGA Trade Fair, 2018 at the Price of Songkla University Convension Center, Hatyai Thailand which runs from 19 to 22
July 2018.

Aceh Besar Regent, Ir Mawardi Ali, as the leader of the delegation, stated that the participation in the exhibition was to show the characteristics and characteristics of the region, Aceh Besar by exhibiting some of its superior products such as coffee and handicrafts at the Aceh Besar exhibition stand on The 4th IMT-GT and BIMP-EAGA TRADE FAIR 2018 which carries the theme “The Future of Agricultural Product Innovation and Environment”, namely the future of agricultural and environmental product innovation.


“We ensure that Aceh Besar is an area that will be directly involved in the development of agricultural and environmental product innovation in the region he leads in the future,” he said.


He explained IMT GT, Philippines the 4th East Asean Growth Trade Fair in 2018 was an ASEAN subregional group that aims to improve economic development in 32 regions in three countries, namely 10 Provinces in Indonesia including Aceh, eight states in the northern region of Malaysia, and 14 in the territory of Thailand. This biennial activity is carried out in rotation in the member countries of BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT.


In addition to exhibiting superior MSME products, it also promotes the best tourist destinations and other natural potentials owned by Aceh Besar with the aim of targeting tourist visits from the Southeast Asia region. “Hopefully, with the presence of Aceh Besar, ASEAN will provide new innovations for regional development and is increasingly recognized internationally with regions that have good agricultural resources and attractive tourism,” said Mawardi Ali.


In the exhibition, the Regent of Aceh Besar participated in the inclusion of other business actors, the Chairman of the Aceh Besar Dekranasda Rahmah Abdullah SH, the Head of the Office of Cooperatives, SMEs and Trade Taufiq SH, the Head of Tourism and Tourism Office Ridwan Jamil SSos MSi and a number of other relevant officials. (KBRN / RRI)



BANDA ACEH, (Thursday, 19 October 2017). Department of Investment and Integrated Services One Door DPMPTSP) held a Workshop on IMT-GT Cooperation Revitalization at Grand Nanggroe Hotel Banda Aceh on Thursday (19/10). IMT-GT (Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Growth Triangle) has been established 24 years and Aceh as a pioneer in this cooperation has made progress especially in tourism sector and connectivity both air and sea. As stated by President Jokowi at the 10th IMT-GT Summit in Manila, the development of the tour package for the economic growth triangle area should be improved. For example cruise ship package cruise Sabang-Phuket-Langkawi as one effort to increase connectivity in the area of ​​cooperation. Therefore the construction of connectivity is very important.

The same thing was conveyed by a speaker from the National Secretariat IMT-GT Indonesia, Netty Muharni, as the Assistant Deputy Regional and Subregional Cooperation of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy that the tourism sector in the IMT-GT region increased every year. But Malaysia’s position surpassed Thailand and Indonesia. Need to take advantage IMT-GT cooperation to attract tourists to Indonesia, especially to Aceh. The international airport in Sumatera is 9, but new international flights operate in 6 airports, in Malaysia 4 airports and in Thailand there are 5 airports. But for HUB still in Malaysia, therefore it is expected that IMT-GT can be maximized connectivity with Malaysia and Thailand to support economic and tourism development.

In addition, the national strategic infrastructure project is partly integrated into IMT-GT cooperation, including the Sumatera toll road and the Trans Sumatra Highway to connect logistics and human movement from Aceh to Lampung. This proves Indonesia’s commitment to increase connectivity in Sumatra with Malaysia and Thailand. In addition to the Green City project, there is also a University Network (Uninet) program headed by Unsyiah.

The areas of cooperation in IMT-GT are: infrastructure and transportation, trade and investment, tourism, halal service products, human resource development, education and culture, agriculture and agro-industry, and environment (green city).

It is necessary to change the paradigm of IMT-GT cooperation to unite the cooperation program that became the priority of IMT-GT objectives. For example, “Quality Tourism” by raising the standard of public services to international standards, including road and food hygiene, transportation, hospitals with international service standards, even international equivalent education. Indonesia needs to imitate and even make new breakthroughs for tourism. To realize all IMT-GT programs needed work gotong royong together all related to the action plan more leverage realized.

Business actors become one of the keys to economic success, and IMT-GT becomes the bridge. SMEs need to be driven through the IMT-GT market. Goods from Aceh still can not compete with the outside because it is still too expensive logistics costs. Therefore concerning the logistics should be looked for solutions to be cheaper. The entrepreneurs of Aceh need to be built intensively to hit the IMT-GT market. In order for people to invest in Aceh, it needs to add value to the products and services offered. For tourism may develop “sharia tourism” in which to provide products and halal. This was conveyed by Khairul Mahalli, as chairman of JBC Indonesia

The event, moderated by Syaifullah Muhammad from ICAIOS, was quite interesting because the participants who were present were quite enthusiastic in giving comments and questions. Sulaiman Dahlan, chairman of APINDO, which is one of the initiators of IMTGT, conveyed the history of IMT-GT development over the past 24 years. From Diskominfo and Persandian Aceh appealed to develop Aceh’s superior products before being offered / traded abroad by utilizing the free port in Sabang. From the University of Malikussaleh stated that Aceh should have a “Halal Industry Roadmap” because currently the largest halal products in the world held by Brazil, not Aceh who has claimed to be a sharia region. From the Economic Bureau of the Regional Secretary of Aceh, the regional cooperation is currently decreasing because there is no longer handling it because the change for it needs to be re-enacted because cooperation in IMT-GT is very important. (MJ)