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BANDA ACEH, (Tuesday, 07 October 2017). Indonesia’s economic growth is currently supported by sectors that continue to grow and show the rate of improvement, especially from the tourism sector. As one of the areas famous for its beauty of the sea, Sabang always steals the attention of tourists from the archipelago and abroad. This is evident from the number of tourists who visit the city of Sabang from year to year is increasing.

Seeing so many promising things, the Singapore-based Global Port Asia company wants to propose a digital portal project called “People’s e-project”. People’s e-project is a digital app that aims to find out visitors coming in and out of Sabang with electronic apps at the entrance and exit of the port. Through the One Stop Office of Investment and Integrated Services Aceh Pintu Global Port Asia company details the master plan for this project. The project is worth US $ 10 Million and held 50-50 between the company and the Government of Aceh, with a 30-year cooperation contract. The Government of Aceh will deposit US $ 2 million for the implementation of the initial project.

Henry Tey as Director of Global Port Asia added that there are 5000 non Aceh visitors and 500,000 Acehnese who enter Sabang each year. The Company earns a profit from the entrance fee imposed on each visitor to Sabang from Banda Aceh. Any non-Aceh visitors will be charged US $ 2 per entry, while the Acehnese visitors are charged US $ 0.5.

Agussalim of BPKS explained that Global Port Asia is the only company that has legality and won the tender held by BPKS. In the proposal Global Port Asia says they dare to invest US $ 750 Million.

The small meeting at the Oproom of the One Stop Office of Investment and Integrated Service of Aceh was also attended by several officials in Aceh, former Vice Governor of Aceh Muzakir Manaf, Bupati of Aceh Besar Mawardi Ali, Mayor of Sabang Nazaruddin, Head of Sabang Fauzi Husin, Head of Zulkarnaeni Transportation Agency, and several Staff from other related agencies. “Before proceeding further we suggest to survey further, we Aceh Government is very supportive with this, and ready to provide the necessary data”. Said Zulkarnaeni Head of Aceh Transportation Department (YS)

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Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh City Government welcomes Japanese investors’ plan to develop Tuna fish cultivation in Banda Aceh waters. By empowering local fishermen, the project is expected to make Banda Aceh an international fishing business center.

This was stated by Banda Aceh Mayor Aminullah Usman when meeting with President I-Fish Yukio Seo in city hall, Tuesday (25/07/2017). I-Fish is a Japanese company engaged in the fisheries sector.

On that occasion, Aminullah was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin, and a number of related officials. Meanwhile, Yukio Seo attended with a number of his colleagues from Mitsubishi Japan, Aceh Governor Special Staff, as well as representatives from Unsyiah.

“We as new officials of Banda Aceh City Government welcomed the project plan, and hope that the MoU of cooperation can be realized in the near future. In addition to cultivation, which also we need to think together is a matter of marketing later, “said Aminullah.

He also instructed related agencies especially DP2KP to take advantage of this cooperation opportunity as possible. “The most important after cultivated, this Tuna fish can we market. For that we also need information on which countries need to import Tuna fish. “

Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin added that Banda Aceh is a strategic door to foreign trade including to the Middle East region. “Concerning the halal label of Aceh that implements Islamic Shari’a is more believed to be the market especially in the field of food.”

“Banda Aceh also has a great opportunity in the fishery sector with a long coastline of 17 KM and the authority of sea potential management as far as 4 miles from the coastline. Currently a number of our entrepreneurs have started exporting superior commodities such as Tuna, Cakalang, Tongkol, and Sardines abroad including Japan and the United States, “he said.
Meanwhile, Yukio Seo mentioned based on the results of his study, Aceh’s marine waters are very supportive for the breeding of Yellowfin Tuna (Yellowfin). “In the world today only found two suitable locations for these fish to spawn in Panama and Mexico. Banda Aceh will be the third location in the world, and this is incredible. “

The man who had lived in Aceh for two years revealed the plan of the Tuna fish cultivation project in Banda Aceh has also been submitted to the Government of Japan and the Government of Indonesia in Jakarta. “The results of the meeting with Mrs. Susi (Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries RI), he recommended that we collaborate with PT Fisheries Nusantara (Persero). As the initial phase, in August we will sign the MoU with them, “he said.

He also revealed, so far the existing SDA in Aceh, especially the fishery sector has not been optimally managed. “All this time, fish caught by fishermen sold cheaply. We hope that this budiadaya project can add value to local fishermen, and drive the economy of Banda Aceh. “

In the first phase, he added, the project will receive funding from JICA. He also revealed a glimpse of the technique of Tuna fish culture will be applied, namely keramba system with a length of approximately 50 meters and a depth of 30 meters. “The technology we use is safe for the environment. The result of discussion with Mrs. Susi, this concept also allows us to apply in other waters in Indonesia such as in Morotai and Natuna, “he concluded.

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Amin-Zainal dan Investor Jepang Bahas Budidaya Ikan Tuna


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Banda Aceh, on Wednesday (July 19, 2017). The event held by PT. PLN Aceh region, held at Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh on Wednesday (19/07). Present as a resource as well as potential customers of PLN. CEO of Prosperity of Indonesia, Mr. Nay Puay Chai, who has 10 years established his company in Aceh, concentrating on iron mining. In addition, Ir. Bahar Syamsu as President Director of PT. Cement Indonesia Aceh (SIA) describes the development of cement industry investment process that is still in development stage. Some of the things that are conveyed are among other obstacles in the field. DPMPTSP Aceh and Pidie District Government have been very helpful in the handling of permits until the implementation of PT. DRAIN.

To make Aceh a potential investment destination must be supported by adequate electricity. PLN can utilize energy in the area to increase the availability of electricity to overcome the current problems, as disclosed by T. Syakur as the expert staff of the Governor of Economy representing the Governor opened the event Costumer and Investor Forum. The local government is ready to assist and facilitate the realization of investment from the electricity sector in Aceh. There are no constraints in the energy sector licensing process. The governor expects the investors who invest really do the implementation immediately after the licensing is obtained.

On the same occasion, Ir. Iskandar, M.Sc as the Head of DPMPTS Aceh who became the speaker said that at this time Aceh has been attracted by investors because there are still many natural resources availability but this needs to be supported by electricity infrastructure. Lack of electrical energy is still a constraint to get potential investors for Aceh. The need for electric power will increase in line with economic growth and population growth. The imbalance between demand and the supply of electricity causes supply shortages in some areas.

In addition, Iskandar conveyed that the Governor is very focused in terms of investment, as well as the ease of handling permits for potential investors. One of the great potentials for investment from potential energy sources are: Hydropower and Geothermal.

The ESDM Minister has delegated the authority to issue 10 licenses to the BKPM RI. BKPM RI and related ministries have simplified the electricity sector licensing from 923 days to 258 days.

Electricity becomes one of the important factors of investment, if electricity is not sufficient for the society then it will be difficult to find potential investors who want to invest in Aceh. PLN said it will continue to improve the quality of its electricity supply and reduce its dependence on Medan. Currently it focuses on the main plant in Arun Lhokseumawe, the power plant in Nagan Raya, and the diesel power plant in Banda Aceh to meet the electricity supply throughout Aceh.

For electricity continues to increase unbalanced with the increase in the availability of electric power. This is evidenced by the addition of unbalanced load with the availability of electric power, that’s because of Aceh’s current electricity instability, said GM PT.PLN Aceh region.

The event inviting PLN customers and prospective customers, the signing of the MoU. PT PLN also received a lot of input from the invited guests, so that it can be a feedback to PLN to continue to improve improve the quality of service for the community, investors and all sectors. (MJ)