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Banda Aceh – South Korean energy company BS Energy plans to work on Krueng Tripa’s power potential in Gayo Lues and Nagan Raya. Hydroelectric power plants in the two districts have a potential energy of 306 megawatts.

Vice President BS Energy, Mr. Kwon, said their company has experienced investment in the energy sector in Indonesia. Previously BS Energy has been working on Wampu (45 MW) hydropower in North Sumatra, PLTA Semangka (56 MW) in Lampung and Siborpa hydropower (114 MW).

“In addition to Tripa we have investment plans in other areas as well,” said Kwon when met governor Irwandi in his office on Friday (18/05/2018). In these two places BS Energy will invest 1,050 US Dollars. In Tripa 2 worth 400 US Dollars (114 MW) and 650 US Dollar investment in Tripa 3 (192 MW).

Currently, the entire initial licensing process has been completed. Now, both companies are in the pre qualification stage of PLN. Therefore, BS Energy expects the Aceh government’s support, confirming the seriousness of the South Korean company when PLN confirmed the company’s related to the Aceh government.
“Our only constraint is access to difficult locations. (Until now) everything is still manual. We are hiring 60 local workers to bring tools to it, “Kwon said.

Kwon explained that if the investment is successful, BS Energy could support the Aceh government in providing electricity and cheap and self-supporting. In addition, the construction of the hydropower plant can also help to lower the cost of providing electricity (BPP) of PLN electricity in Aceh.

“It will certainly increase economic growth in Gayo Lues and Nagan Raya and provide business opportunities because we will involve local and national contractors,” said Kwon. In addition, Kwon also invited the governor of Aceh to see directly one of the PLTA that has been invested BS Energy.

Meanwhile, Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf, said the Aceh government is very supportive of BS Energy’s efforts to invest funds in Aceh for the construction of hydropower plants in Krueng Tripa. “In addition to boosting economic growth, this investment will definitely provide jobs for the community,” said Irwandi.

Jakarta, (Thursday, November 16, 2017). Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf opened the Aceh event Investment Forum – Trade Tourism and Investment (TTI) 2017 at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. Irwandi also promotes the potential of Aceh in the presence of entrepreneurs national and international. “At present Aceh has 45 CPO factories, for that we are invites you to build downstream palm oil industry, because we do not want to exporting CPO, but its products through refinery “said Irwandi.

In addition to CPO, Irwandi also alludes to the potential of Aceh’s already global coffee. On last year, more than 9,565 tons of coffee beans from Aceh to more than 20 countries worldwide. For the energy sector, Aceh is looking for investors who can build and running renewable hydro power and abundant geothermal energy
the source. From Aceh tourism continues to develop, Aceh today inviting investors to build more hospitality and tourism destinations much more.

Besides promoting the potential of Aceh, this business forum event also provides award “Aceh Invetment Award” to five districts / cities that have provided services licensing, promotion, planning, controlling and implementation as well as information capital investment. The first best Banda Aceh, followed by Gayo Lues, Nagan Raya, Lhokseumawe and the fifth is Aceh Besar. Awards received directly by the Regent / Mayor and the Regional Secretary.

Head of BKPM, Thomas Lembong on this occasion becomes keynote speaker revealed that Aceh as a diamond is hidden because a lot of it the potential of Aceh that is not known to many people. For that our common task promote Aceh. In fact quite shocking, some people I met in imaging positive Weh Island, so in my opinion need to kononkanitaskan airport, to make Sabang easier to reach, he said.

CEO of Lippo Group as one of the resource persons, Mr James Riady expressed Aceh’s strategic position, potentially as a transit point for airplanes private to the Middle East. The potential of tourism in Aceh should be the way entered to build Aceh, with a small investment but the impact is quite large, he added.

In addition to James Riady, the entrepreneur also became the CEO of Prosperity International Holdings (MR Mao Shuzong) and Director of PT. Sabang Geothermal Energy (Sayogi Sudarman). Other speakers are Bambang Adi Winarso as Plt. Secretary Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. Then from the Ministry of Trade, Dra. Pradnyawati, MA as Director of Trade Security. (MJ)

Banda Aceh, Tuesday (24 October 2017). To realize a peaceful and prosperous Aceh certainly can not expect from the government alone. The role of the business world is needed to optimize the resources that exist in our area. This was conveyed by the Vice Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah in his speech when inaugurating the Licensing Application System Aceh (SAPA) in Anjong Mon Mata. “One of the steps to facilitate access to information is to present the Aceh Licensing Application System (SAPA) in order to improve services for potential investors in obtaining permits to develop the business. With the presence of this program, the business community will be easier to get business development permit in Aceh, so that service for potential investors will be faster, more efficient and cleaner from illegal levies, “Nova said.

The Head of One Stop Office of Aceh, Iskandar in his speech said that through the online system can minimize the opportunity of corruption and bribery because the frequency of face to face between the apparatus and the community is decreasing, so the application of this system can help people get easy, fast, transparent. Iskandar added that the Aceh Licensing Application System (SAPA) is a control that contains transparency of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Service Standards (SP) on licensing issues that many people complain about, including the unclear procedure of the service to make the community use the services of third parties (brokers) , unprofessional personnel and rampant illegal fees, as well as uncertain costs and time.

The Office of the One Stop Services of Aceh also held Socialization of e-Licensing Information System by presenting two speakers from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board Linda Sahfitri Hasibuan as Head of Data Processing and Reporting of Pusdatin and informant from the Office of Information Communication and Persandian Aceh, Yudi Kasmara as Cation Application Development.

The event, held at Hermes Palace Hotel, invites the agencies of DPMPTSP 23 regencies / cities as well as several related technical agencies. Linda explained about the Electronic Information System and Electronic Investment Permit (SPIPISE) which had been launched in 2010 which is able to serve all types of permit applications including Principal Permits and Business Licenses, Facilities, Investment Activity Report (LKPM). He also describes Business Intelligence which is an application designed for collecting, storing, reporting and creating ad-hoc queries for analysis.

Yudi Kasmara in his presentation said that the two main demands of society are public services that are able to fulfill the public interest, reliable, reliable and easy to reach. Then adequate facilities to participate and public dialogue in policy formulation. On the same occasion Yudi explained about e- Government is an effort to develop electronic governance based on electronic to improve public quality. (Ys, Ir).

BANDA ACEH, (Thursday, 19 October 2017). Department of Investment and Integrated Services One Door DPMPTSP) held a Workshop on IMT-GT Cooperation Revitalization at Grand Nanggroe Hotel Banda Aceh on Thursday (19/10). IMT-GT (Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Growth Triangle) has been established 24 years and Aceh as a pioneer in this cooperation has made progress especially in tourism sector and connectivity both air and sea. As stated by President Jokowi at the 10th IMT-GT Summit in Manila, the development of the tour package for the economic growth triangle area should be improved. For example cruise ship package cruise Sabang-Phuket-Langkawi as one effort to increase connectivity in the area of ​​cooperation. Therefore the construction of connectivity is very important.

The same thing was conveyed by a speaker from the National Secretariat IMT-GT Indonesia, Netty Muharni, as the Assistant Deputy Regional and Subregional Cooperation of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy that the tourism sector in the IMT-GT region increased every year. But Malaysia’s position surpassed Thailand and Indonesia. Need to take advantage IMT-GT cooperation to attract tourists to Indonesia, especially to Aceh. The international airport in Sumatera is 9, but new international flights operate in 6 airports, in Malaysia 4 airports and in Thailand there are 5 airports. But for HUB still in Malaysia, therefore it is expected that IMT-GT can be maximized connectivity with Malaysia and Thailand to support economic and tourism development.

In addition, the national strategic infrastructure project is partly integrated into IMT-GT cooperation, including the Sumatera toll road and the Trans Sumatra Highway to connect logistics and human movement from Aceh to Lampung. This proves Indonesia’s commitment to increase connectivity in Sumatra with Malaysia and Thailand. In addition to the Green City project, there is also a University Network (Uninet) program headed by Unsyiah.

The areas of cooperation in IMT-GT are: infrastructure and transportation, trade and investment, tourism, halal service products, human resource development, education and culture, agriculture and agro-industry, and environment (green city).

It is necessary to change the paradigm of IMT-GT cooperation to unite the cooperation program that became the priority of IMT-GT objectives. For example, “Quality Tourism” by raising the standard of public services to international standards, including road and food hygiene, transportation, hospitals with international service standards, even international equivalent education. Indonesia needs to imitate and even make new breakthroughs for tourism. To realize all IMT-GT programs needed work gotong royong together all related to the action plan more leverage realized.

Business actors become one of the keys to economic success, and IMT-GT becomes the bridge. SMEs need to be driven through the IMT-GT market. Goods from Aceh still can not compete with the outside because it is still too expensive logistics costs. Therefore concerning the logistics should be looked for solutions to be cheaper. The entrepreneurs of Aceh need to be built intensively to hit the IMT-GT market. In order for people to invest in Aceh, it needs to add value to the products and services offered. For tourism may develop “sharia tourism” in which to provide products and halal. This was conveyed by Khairul Mahalli, as chairman of JBC Indonesia

The event, moderated by Syaifullah Muhammad from ICAIOS, was quite interesting because the participants who were present were quite enthusiastic in giving comments and questions. Sulaiman Dahlan, chairman of APINDO, which is one of the initiators of IMTGT, conveyed the history of IMT-GT development over the past 24 years. From Diskominfo and Persandian Aceh appealed to develop Aceh’s superior products before being offered / traded abroad by utilizing the free port in Sabang. From the University of Malikussaleh stated that Aceh should have a “Halal Industry Roadmap” because currently the largest halal products in the world held by Brazil, not Aceh who has claimed to be a sharia region. From the Economic Bureau of the Regional Secretary of Aceh, the regional cooperation is currently decreasing because there is no longer handling it because the change for it needs to be re-enacted because cooperation in IMT-GT is very important. (MJ)

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REDELONG: Bener Meriah Regency Government conducts an audience with PT. Ubudiah Flying and Ubudiah Argo related to the investment plan for Bener Meriah development and the plan to open flight routes for export-inport of agricultural and plantation products on Thursday (27/7)

The audiences took place in the multipurpose building of the Bappeda Bener Meriah District Office.

Bener Meriah Regent Ahmadi, SE in his direction delivered by Secretary Drs. Ismarissiska, MM said the local government welcomed the investment plan that will be done by PT. Ubudiah Flying and Ubudiah Agro in Bener Meriah Regency.

“This event should have been attended by the regents, however, because the regent has duty outside the region, so he sent me to represent him following this audience,” explained the Secretary of Bener Meriah.

The point is said Secretary, Bener Meriah Regency Government is ready to cooperate with investors. “We believe today’s meeting is certainly beneficial to investors and meaningful for Bener Meriah Regency and essentially beneficial to Bener Meriah community,” said Secretary Drs. Ismarissiska, MM.

Meanwhile, Abdulwahab as an investor from Malaysia in the audience said, he was interested in Bener Meriah because it has a very abundant produce. “I hope that with the opening of the argo, the produce from Bener Meriah can be marketed directly to Malaysia at a minimal cost,” he said.

Abdulwahab also hoped that in the meeting he could find out what prodems are owned by Bener Meriah which can later be marketed to Malaysia’s neighbor country.

source : Humas Aceh | 28 Juli 2017

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Banda Aceh, on Wednesday (July 26, 2017). The General Plan of Investment (RUPM) is based on the potential and characteristics of each region and still refers to the direction of the established Investment policy. Aceh province has established RUPM in 2014, while for District/City in Aceh only 10 (ten) districts / cities. While 6 (six) new districts / cities budgeted in 2017 and still the process of discussion and academic texts. However, there are still 7 (seven) regencies / municipalities that have not been identified by its RUPM.

The above mentioned by, Mrs. Syarifah, as Head of Investment Planning Division, Office of Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) Aceh in the Workshop of RUPM Development of district / City. The event was opened by Mr. Jakfaruddin, as Head of Complaint, Policy and Reporting of DPMPTSP Service, representing Head of DPMPTSP. The event held on Wednesday (26/07) took place at Grand Nanggroe Hotel Banda Aceh.

In the event presented speakers from BKPM RI, Ali Fauzi, ST, M.Kom, as Head of Metal, Machine, Textile and Multifarious Industry Sub-division. He explained that only 21 provinces in Indonesia have established RUPM with percentage of about 62%, while for district / City in Indonesia which has set new RUPMK as much as 59 district / City with 11% percentage. There are still many provinces and districts / municipalities that have not determined the RUPM will certainly hamper the growth of development and of course the area will be a loss.

Participants from DPMPTS district /city and Bappeda of district/city were quite enthusiastic in participating in the workshop, this was marked by the active participants in asking and giving arguments about RUPM. One participant from Lhokseumawe City named Sari Anita said RUPM is already in existence and is being revised in accordance with nomenclature. DPMPTSP Lhokseumawe city and also Bappeda Lhokseumawe city plans to form a Special Team for RUPM preparation. However, they are constrained by the understanding of the stages of RUPM preparation.
Meanwhile, Muhammad Faisal from DPMPTSP Aceh Timur district asked about what data sources support the RUPM development. According to sources the data can be obtained from DPMPTSP Aceh or BPS Province or District / City, while Bappeda only as facilitator.

Further questions from Mr. Renaldi (Aceh Barat Daya district) regarding the source of funds in making the RUPMK and what data can be given Bappeda to assist the process of making RUPMK. “The source of funds comes from DPMPTSP district/city and is part of RENSTRA”, Mr. Ali Fauzi said. (MJ, YS).

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Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh City Government welcomes Japanese investors’ plan to develop Tuna fish cultivation in Banda Aceh waters. By empowering local fishermen, the project is expected to make Banda Aceh an international fishing business center.

This was stated by Banda Aceh Mayor Aminullah Usman when meeting with President I-Fish Yukio Seo in city hall, Tuesday (25/07/2017). I-Fish is a Japanese company engaged in the fisheries sector.

On that occasion, Aminullah was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin, and a number of related officials. Meanwhile, Yukio Seo attended with a number of his colleagues from Mitsubishi Japan, Aceh Governor Special Staff, as well as representatives from Unsyiah.

“We as new officials of Banda Aceh City Government welcomed the project plan, and hope that the MoU of cooperation can be realized in the near future. In addition to cultivation, which also we need to think together is a matter of marketing later, “said Aminullah.

He also instructed related agencies especially DP2KP to take advantage of this cooperation opportunity as possible. “The most important after cultivated, this Tuna fish can we market. For that we also need information on which countries need to import Tuna fish. “

Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin added that Banda Aceh is a strategic door to foreign trade including to the Middle East region. “Concerning the halal label of Aceh that implements Islamic Shari’a is more believed to be the market especially in the field of food.”

“Banda Aceh also has a great opportunity in the fishery sector with a long coastline of 17 KM and the authority of sea potential management as far as 4 miles from the coastline. Currently a number of our entrepreneurs have started exporting superior commodities such as Tuna, Cakalang, Tongkol, and Sardines abroad including Japan and the United States, “he said.
Meanwhile, Yukio Seo mentioned based on the results of his study, Aceh’s marine waters are very supportive for the breeding of Yellowfin Tuna (Yellowfin). “In the world today only found two suitable locations for these fish to spawn in Panama and Mexico. Banda Aceh will be the third location in the world, and this is incredible. “

The man who had lived in Aceh for two years revealed the plan of the Tuna fish cultivation project in Banda Aceh has also been submitted to the Government of Japan and the Government of Indonesia in Jakarta. “The results of the meeting with Mrs. Susi (Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries RI), he recommended that we collaborate with PT Fisheries Nusantara (Persero). As the initial phase, in August we will sign the MoU with them, “he said.

He also revealed, so far the existing SDA in Aceh, especially the fishery sector has not been optimally managed. “All this time, fish caught by fishermen sold cheaply. We hope that this budiadaya project can add value to local fishermen, and drive the economy of Banda Aceh. “

In the first phase, he added, the project will receive funding from JICA. He also revealed a glimpse of the technique of Tuna fish culture will be applied, namely keramba system with a length of approximately 50 meters and a depth of 30 meters. “The technology we use is safe for the environment. The result of discussion with Mrs. Susi, this concept also allows us to apply in other waters in Indonesia such as in Morotai and Natuna, “he concluded.

source : 

Amin-Zainal dan Investor Jepang Bahas Budidaya Ikan Tuna


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Banda Aceh, on Wednesday (July 19, 2017). The event held by PT. PLN Aceh region, held at Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh on Wednesday (19/07). Present as a resource as well as potential customers of PLN. CEO of Prosperity of Indonesia, Mr. Nay Puay Chai, who has 10 years established his company in Aceh, concentrating on iron mining. In addition, Ir. Bahar Syamsu as President Director of PT. Cement Indonesia Aceh (SIA) describes the development of cement industry investment process that is still in development stage. Some of the things that are conveyed are among other obstacles in the field. DPMPTSP Aceh and Pidie District Government have been very helpful in the handling of permits until the implementation of PT. DRAIN.

To make Aceh a potential investment destination must be supported by adequate electricity. PLN can utilize energy in the area to increase the availability of electricity to overcome the current problems, as disclosed by T. Syakur as the expert staff of the Governor of Economy representing the Governor opened the event Costumer and Investor Forum. The local government is ready to assist and facilitate the realization of investment from the electricity sector in Aceh. There are no constraints in the energy sector licensing process. The governor expects the investors who invest really do the implementation immediately after the licensing is obtained.

On the same occasion, Ir. Iskandar, M.Sc as the Head of DPMPTS Aceh who became the speaker said that at this time Aceh has been attracted by investors because there are still many natural resources availability but this needs to be supported by electricity infrastructure. Lack of electrical energy is still a constraint to get potential investors for Aceh. The need for electric power will increase in line with economic growth and population growth. The imbalance between demand and the supply of electricity causes supply shortages in some areas.

In addition, Iskandar conveyed that the Governor is very focused in terms of investment, as well as the ease of handling permits for potential investors. One of the great potentials for investment from potential energy sources are: Hydropower and Geothermal.

The ESDM Minister has delegated the authority to issue 10 licenses to the BKPM RI. BKPM RI and related ministries have simplified the electricity sector licensing from 923 days to 258 days.

Electricity becomes one of the important factors of investment, if electricity is not sufficient for the society then it will be difficult to find potential investors who want to invest in Aceh. PLN said it will continue to improve the quality of its electricity supply and reduce its dependence on Medan. Currently it focuses on the main plant in Arun Lhokseumawe, the power plant in Nagan Raya, and the diesel power plant in Banda Aceh to meet the electricity supply throughout Aceh.

For electricity continues to increase unbalanced with the increase in the availability of electric power. This is evidenced by the addition of unbalanced load with the availability of electric power, that’s because of Aceh’s current electricity instability, said GM PT.PLN Aceh region.

The event inviting PLN customers and prospective customers, the signing of the MoU. PT PLN also received a lot of input from the invited guests, so that it can be a feedback to PLN to continue to improve improve the quality of service for the community, investors and all sectors. (MJ)

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BANDA ACEH – An energy company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) established an investment partnership with the Aceh Government in the development of geothermal energy. The cooperation was discussed in a meeting with the Government of Aceh attended by the Governor of Aceh, Zaini Abdullah along with SKPA and Regional Development Company of Aceh (PDPA) at Meuligo Governor on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.
The closed meeting resulted in several recommendations, namely the establishment of investment cooperation in geothermal energy and geothermal power plant which is planned to be developed in Gunong Geureudong, located between Regency of North Aceh, Bener Meriah and Central Aceh. “This recommendation follows the results of the previous meeting, dated January 17, 2017,” said Iskandarsyah Bakri, Principal Advisor GEG, Wednesday (15/3).
Iskandarsyah Bakri added that the purpose of creating a consortium for cooperation in managing the Earth Working Area (WKP) in Mount Geuredong as well as the cooperation between PDPA and GEG to build geothermal energy in Aceh is beneficial to both parties. “It is estimated that GEG applies geothermal power plant technology (PLTP) as used in Kenya and Iceland countries and commits to use 100 percent of local workforce,” said Iskandarsyah Bakri.
The governor of Aceh, dr Zaini Abdullah said in the meeting that this task is a big responsibility of PDPA and this trust should be maintained to boost Aceh’s Regional Income (PAD) revenue and to create jobs. “I immediately suggested the cooperation with PDPA,” said Zaini Abdullah.Direktor PDPA, Muksin SE MM also added very supportive of this process where PDPA can gain and also one of effort to overcome electrical energy crisis in Aceh, especially middle area and PDPA ready to work ama With PLN. “This is a momentum to solve the electricity crisis in Aceh and also opportunities for other investors to look at Aceh in investing,” he said.
Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) CEO, Terje Laugerud, said his capability to invest in geothermal energy at WKP Gunung Geureudong, and he hopes that this good cooperation will be realized soon. “The concept of GEG using the best technology, environmentally friendly and does not damage the forest because it does not require large areas,” he said.Terje added, GEG applied technology is very fast development compared with other conventional systems. “For drilling a geothermal well the project spends around Rp 65 billion. With the system and technology used GEG greatly saves time and investment because it builds direct geothermal power plant and produces electricity quickly, “he explained.
In addition to meetings with the Governor of Aceh, GEG also visited WKP Seulawah Agam Lamteuba, Aceh Besar and site visit to the geothermal project in Jaboi, Sabang. GEG headquartered in London has offices in 6 countries in Iceland, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, the Philippines and Norway.

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Banda Aceh, (24/01/2017). One potential renewable energy, environmentally friendly wind / wind becomes a significant choice for the development of electricity in Aceh. Egeres Enerji, a large Turkish company engaged in renewable energy shows interest in this wind potential and visits Aceh in order to explore the potential of the bayu power and has made initial communication with PLN Aceh, Aceh Besar Government and Banda Aceh City Government as a first step .

In order to obtain more detailed information, the Agency for Investment and Promotion of Aceh (BIP) welcomed the Egeres delegation, Mr. Gunkut Kurtaran, one of the founders of Egeres accompanied by local consultants, Mr. Duta and Mr. Bimo from PT. Indopower International on Wednesday morning (24/01/2016). The meeting was led by the Head of BIP represented by the Head of Promotion Division and also attended the Head of Licensing Division, Head of Development and the staff of Promotion Sector.

The initial communication result between Egeres and Aceh Besar Regency and Pemko Banda Aceh, found that Peukan Bada Sub-district, Aceh Besar Regency is one of the areas in Sumatera with the best prospect of wind power plant with wind speed reaching 5.2-6.6 m / S which is sufficient to drive a 3-4 m / s turbine speed. In the Banda Aceh region, the most ideal location is on the coast especially around Ulee Lheu beach.

From the Egeres dialog with PLN Aceh, Aceh has a pretty good wind potential in the northern part of Aceh Besar, Kreueng Raya area. As a preliminary initiation, Egeres will make a MoU with PLN and the next step will be carried out a more in-depth potential study. In order to know the wind power in Aceh Besar, Egeres planned to install a wind gauge for one year and from the results of the data it can be decided whether the Krueng Raya area has great potential for built-in power. If feasible, the power plant construction process is expected to take a total of 4 (four) years from licensing to turbine construction.

The Government of Aceh is very grateful to the investment plan in this energy energy and expect to get positive results from the initial survey of Egeres Energy. More detailed review will be conducted by PT. Indopower International. (Rk / El)