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Aceh IMT GT Trade Fair in Thailand – 2018

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DIALEKSIS.COM | Aceh Besar  –  The Aceh Besar District Government follows a number of excellent products at the Indonesia-Malaysia trade fair – Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) and the 4th BIMP-EAGA Trade Fair, 2018 at the Price of Songkla University Convension Center, Hatyai Thailand which runs from 19 to 22
July 2018.

Aceh Besar Regent, Ir Mawardi Ali, as the leader of the delegation, stated that the participation in the exhibition was to show the characteristics and characteristics of the region, Aceh Besar by exhibiting some of its superior products such as coffee and handicrafts at the Aceh Besar exhibition stand on The 4th IMT-GT and BIMP-EAGA TRADE FAIR 2018 which carries the theme “The Future of Agricultural Product Innovation and Environment”, namely the future of agricultural and environmental product innovation.


“We ensure that Aceh Besar is an area that will be directly involved in the development of agricultural and environmental product innovation in the region he leads in the future,” he said.


He explained IMT GT, Philippines the 4th East Asean Growth Trade Fair in 2018 was an ASEAN subregional group that aims to improve economic development in 32 regions in three countries, namely 10 Provinces in Indonesia including Aceh, eight states in the northern region of Malaysia, and 14 in the territory of Thailand. This biennial activity is carried out in rotation in the member countries of BIMP-EAGA and IMT-GT.


In addition to exhibiting superior MSME products, it also promotes the best tourist destinations and other natural potentials owned by Aceh Besar with the aim of targeting tourist visits from the Southeast Asia region. “Hopefully, with the presence of Aceh Besar, ASEAN will provide new innovations for regional development and is increasingly recognized internationally with regions that have good agricultural resources and attractive tourism,” said Mawardi Ali.


In the exhibition, the Regent of Aceh Besar participated in the inclusion of other business actors, the Chairman of the Aceh Besar Dekranasda Rahmah Abdullah SH, the Head of the Office of Cooperatives, SMEs and Trade Taufiq SH, the Head of Tourism and Tourism Office Ridwan Jamil SSos MSi and a number of other relevant officials. (KBRN / RRI)





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