Aceh Electronic Licensing Ready to Apply

Banda Aceh, Tuesday (24 October 2017). To realize a peaceful and prosperous Aceh certainly can not expect from the government alone. The role of the business world is needed to optimize the resources that exist in our area. This was conveyed by the Vice Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah in his speech when inaugurating the Licensing Application System Aceh (SAPA) in Anjong Mon Mata. “One of the steps to facilitate access to information is to present the Aceh Licensing Application System (SAPA) in order to improve services for potential investors in obtaining permits to develop the business. With the presence of this program, the business community will be easier to get business development permit in Aceh, so that service for potential investors will be faster, more efficient and cleaner from illegal levies, “Nova said.

The Head of One Stop Office of Aceh, Iskandar in his speech said that through the online system can minimize the opportunity of corruption and bribery because the frequency of face to face between the apparatus and the community is decreasing, so the application of this system can help people get easy, fast, transparent. Iskandar added that the Aceh Licensing Application System (SAPA) is a control that contains transparency of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Service Standards (SP) on licensing issues that many people complain about, including the unclear procedure of the service to make the community use the services of third parties (brokers) , unprofessional personnel and rampant illegal fees, as well as uncertain costs and time.

The Office of the One Stop Services of Aceh also held Socialization of e-Licensing Information System by presenting two speakers from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board Linda Sahfitri Hasibuan as Head of Data Processing and Reporting of Pusdatin and informant from the Office of Information Communication and Persandian Aceh, Yudi Kasmara as Cation Application Development.

The event, held at Hermes Palace Hotel, invites the agencies of DPMPTSP 23 regencies / cities as well as several related technical agencies. Linda explained about the Electronic Information System and Electronic Investment Permit (SPIPISE) which had been launched in 2010 which is able to serve all types of permit applications including Principal Permits and Business Licenses, Facilities, Investment Activity Report (LKPM). He also describes Business Intelligence which is an application designed for collecting, storing, reporting and creating ad-hoc queries for analysis.

Yudi Kasmara in his presentation said that the two main demands of society are public services that are able to fulfill the public interest, reliable, reliable and easy to reach. Then adequate facilities to participate and public dialogue in policy formulation. On the same occasion Yudi explained about e- Government is an effort to develop electronic governance based on electronic to improve public quality. (Ys, Ir).



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