Aceh Promote Tourism and Lifestyle Sector in Regional Investment Forum 2018

Yogyakarta - Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) Aceh promotes the investment potential of tourism and lifestyle sectors at the 2018 Regional Investment Forum forum at Alana Hotels and Convention Center, Yogyakarta, Tuesday (14/3).  Head of DPMPTSP Aceh, Ir. Iskandar, M.Sc who attended the event said that investment interest in the private sector is very high considering that the sector is the mainstay of the current government in boosting foreign exchange.

"When viewed from statistics, the national tourism sector at the time of inj ranks second for foreign exchange earnings after the palm oil industry, much higher than other sectors such as oil and gas and others. Therefore we should increase promotion in this tourism sector, "said Iskandar. According to Iskandar, the tourism sector of Aceh has enormous potential due to the many attractive destinations as well as the easy access of tourist arrivals and the ever increasing number of tourists every year.

The event organized by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) was opened by the Head of BKPM, Thomas Lembong, and filled by Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Mirza Adityazwara and Deputy Head of Creative Economy Body Ricky Joseph Pesik and several other speakers.

The event was attended by 350 potential investors coming from different countries with different backgrounds and about 71 foreign companies from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Middle East, Taiwan, Australia, China, India, Britain, Russia and America United and DPMPTSP representatives throughout Indonesia.

Thomas explains the investment opportunities in the lifestyle and tourism sector is very large. Moreover, tourism becomes the investment sector with the most promising growth and touch up to the lowest level of society.  "BKPM also noted the performance of the tourism sector continues to increase seen from the realization of investment in the sector which grew an average of 20 percent per year. Particularly in 2017, the sector even grew by 31 percent or touching the figure of 1.7 billion US dollars, "said Thomas.



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