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Aceh Proposed Flight to Phuket

* In the IMT-GT Meeting

BANDA ACEH - Acting (Acting) Governor of Aceh, Ir Nova Iriansyah, joined the Governor-level follow-up meeting and the Minister of Economic Growth of Indonesia and Malaysia (Thailand) in Malacca, Malaysia, Sunday-Monday, 30 September-1 October 2018. During the meeting, Nova offered to open the Banda Aceh-Krabi-Phuket (Thailand) flight route.

"The initiation or bid to open the flight path was conveyed by the Acting Governor in order to advance tourist visits to Banda Aceh-Krabi-Phuket," said Head of Aceh's One Door Licensing Investment Office, Dr Aulia Sofyan to Serambi, Monday (1/10) night from Malacca via his cell phone.
Aulia who also took part in the meeting said according to Nova, it was in accordance with the development program of the Ranong-Phuket-Krabi-Aceh (EC5) economic corridor set out in the IMT-GT strategic plan, so that in the near future all the support from Aceh and the regions which will be visited, this program can be realized. According to Aulia, Acting Governor and himself at the meeting also reported the results of the IMT-GT Forum meeting which was held in Banda Aceh 9-10 August 2018 on the establishment of the IMT-GT Green Council or the group discussing low carbon economics.

During the IMT-GT meeting in Aceh, the Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, Malaysian Economic Minister Azmin Ali and several regional heads of IMT-GT members were present, including ten regional heads in Sumatra, 14 southern states of Thailand and eight states in the Peninsula, Malaysia. Aulia added that the IMT-GT was formed in 1993 and Aceh had never been absent from attending various meeting forums held in turns in the regions.
Furthermore, Aulia said the Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah at the meeting also reminded of the need to establish a Green Council Program that had been discussed at a meeting in Aceh, 9-10 August 2018. According to Nova, this program is very important to promote environmentally friendly energy, including geothermal (geothermal), wind, sun, water, and others, including in Aceh which has various geothermal sources in areas that have volcanoes, namely Seulawah Agam, Aceh Besar, Jaboi, Sabang, Peut Sago Pidie, Burni Telong , Bener Meriah. "So at the IMT-GT Forum last August in Banda Aceh, we were the ones who took the initiative or offered to establish the IMG-GT Green Council Forum," said Aulia. (her)



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