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Banda Aceh – Acting Governor of Aceh became the keynote speaker or keynote speaker at the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (CIMT-GT) meeting in Banda Aceh, Wednesday 8 August 2018. The meeting discussed the action plan for the Development of Urban Areas with Green City Vision.

Nova Iriansyah said, the topics discussed at the meeting were very relevant to the Aceh government program that implemented the concept of environmentally sustainable development (Aceh Green).

“We also certainly really hope, the concept of development

Aceh Green based can be continued with the development of green cities (Green City) in a number of regions, so that the Aceh Green vision carried out at the provincial level is strengthened by the presence of cities greendi in urban areas, “said Nova Iriansyah.

Aceh Green is one of Aceh’s development visions. Therefore, Nova said, he realized how important it was to preserve nature to be balanced with the pace of development that was going on.

“The Aceh Green Vision is basically not only aimed at maintaining Aceh’s natural balance, but also to support the spirit in addressing climate change which is an international issue at this time,” said Nova.

The issue of climate change is important to be discussed as part of the early anticipation of environmental damage. Therefore, the IMT-GT meeting is important to discuss the concept of development with a green vision to overcome the extreme events of climate change.

In the Governour’s Climate and Forest meeting which took place in Bali, Denmark, America and Paris, in 2009 to 2015, a number of developed countries proposed that developing countries that still have extensive forest cover to implement the spirit of green vision in its development concept.

Indonesia is one that is expected to support this spirit, because Indonesia still has a fairly large forest area. In Indonesia, one of the forests that has a large deposit is Aceh. Where there are 3.5 million hectares of forest that is still green, consisting of about 2 hectares of protected forest and around 638 thousand hectares of production forest.

To support this spirit, the governor of Aceh then issued Instruction No. 5 of 2007 concerning a logging moratorium in all Aceh forest areas. The aim is to maintain a life support system, strengthen community social capital and support sustainable development.

The rest is to maintain the beauty of the forest and restore the function of degraded forests through restoration and reforestation of critical lands. The spirit of the moratorium is the basis for the Aceh Government to carry out the vision of Aceh Green.

“Aceh Green is the foundation for the Aceh government in carrying out environmentally and sustainable development that is sensitive to disasters,” said Nova. [Humas-Aceh]



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