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Amin-Zainal and Japanese Investors Discuss Tuna Fish Cultivation

Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh City Government welcomes Japanese investors’ plan to develop Tuna fish cultivation in Banda Aceh waters. By empowering local fishermen, the project is expected to make Banda Aceh an international fishing business center.

This was stated by Banda Aceh Mayor Aminullah Usman when meeting with President I-Fish Yukio Seo in city hall, Tuesday (25/07/2017). I-Fish is a Japanese company engaged in the fisheries sector.

On that occasion, Aminullah was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin, and a number of related officials. Meanwhile, Yukio Seo attended with a number of his colleagues from Mitsubishi Japan, Aceh Governor Special Staff, as well as representatives from Unsyiah.

“We as new officials of Banda Aceh City Government welcomed the project plan, and hope that the MoU of cooperation can be realized in the near future. In addition to cultivation, which also we need to think together is a matter of marketing later, “said Aminullah.

He also instructed related agencies especially DP2KP to take advantage of this cooperation opportunity as possible. “The most important after cultivated, this Tuna fish can we market. For that we also need information on which countries need to import Tuna fish. “

Deputy Mayor Zainal Arifin added that Banda Aceh is a strategic door to foreign trade including to the Middle East region. “Concerning the halal label of Aceh that implements Islamic Shari’a is more believed to be the market especially in the field of food.”

“Banda Aceh also has a great opportunity in the fishery sector with a long coastline of 17 KM and the authority of sea potential management as far as 4 miles from the coastline. Currently a number of our entrepreneurs have started exporting superior commodities such as Tuna, Cakalang, Tongkol, and Sardines abroad including Japan and the United States, “he said.
Meanwhile, Yukio Seo mentioned based on the results of his study, Aceh’s marine waters are very supportive for the breeding of Yellowfin Tuna (Yellowfin). “In the world today only found two suitable locations for these fish to spawn in Panama and Mexico. Banda Aceh will be the third location in the world, and this is incredible. “

The man who had lived in Aceh for two years revealed the plan of the Tuna fish cultivation project in Banda Aceh has also been submitted to the Government of Japan and the Government of Indonesia in Jakarta. “The results of the meeting with Mrs. Susi (Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries RI), he recommended that we collaborate with PT Fisheries Nusantara (Persero). As the initial phase, in August we will sign the MoU with them, “he said.

He also revealed, so far the existing SDA in Aceh, especially the fishery sector has not been optimally managed. “All this time, fish caught by fishermen sold cheaply. We hope that this budiadaya project can add value to local fishermen, and drive the economy of Banda Aceh. “

In the first phase, he added, the project will receive funding from JICA. He also revealed a glimpse of the technique of Tuna fish culture will be applied, namely keramba system with a length of approximately 50 meters and a depth of 30 meters. “The technology we use is safe for the environment. The result of discussion with Mrs. Susi, this concept also allows us to apply in other waters in Indonesia such as in Morotai and Natuna, “he concluded.

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