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Bener Meriah Regency Government Hearings With Investors

REDELONG: Bener Meriah Regency Government conducts an audience with PT. Ubudiah Flying and Ubudiah Argo related to the investment plan for Bener Meriah development and the plan to open flight routes for export-inport of agricultural and plantation products on Thursday (27/7)

The audiences took place in the multipurpose building of the Bappeda Bener Meriah District Office.

Bener Meriah Regent Ahmadi, SE in his direction delivered by Secretary Drs. Ismarissiska, MM said the local government welcomed the investment plan that will be done by PT. Ubudiah Flying and Ubudiah Agro in Bener Meriah Regency.

“This event should have been attended by the regents, however, because the regent has duty outside the region, so he sent me to represent him following this audience,” explained the Secretary of Bener Meriah.

The point is said Secretary, Bener Meriah Regency Government is ready to cooperate with investors. “We believe today’s meeting is certainly beneficial to investors and meaningful for Bener Meriah Regency and essentially beneficial to Bener Meriah community,” said Secretary Drs. Ismarissiska, MM.

Meanwhile, Abdulwahab as an investor from Malaysia in the audience said, he was interested in Bener Meriah because it has a very abundant produce. “I hope that with the opening of the argo, the produce from Bener Meriah can be marketed directly to Malaysia at a minimal cost,” he said.

Abdulwahab also hoped that in the meeting he could find out what prodems are owned by Bener Meriah which can later be marketed to Malaysia’s neighbor country.

source : Humas Aceh | 28 Juli 2017



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