E-Project for Aceh

BANDA ACEH, (Tuesday, 07 October 2017). Indonesia’s economic growth is currently supported by sectors that continue to grow and show the rate of improvement, especially from the tourism sector. As one of the areas famous for its beauty of the sea, Sabang always steals the attention of tourists from the archipelago and abroad. This is evident from the number of tourists who visit the city of Sabang from year to year is increasing.

Seeing so many promising things, the Singapore-based Global Port Asia company wants to propose a digital portal project called “People’s e-project”. People’s e-project is a digital app that aims to find out visitors coming in and out of Sabang with electronic apps at the entrance and exit of the port. Through the One Stop Office of Investment and Integrated Services Aceh Pintu Global Port Asia company details the master plan for this project. The project is worth US $ 10 Million and held 50-50 between the company and the Government of Aceh, with a 30-year cooperation contract. The Government of Aceh will deposit US $ 2 million for the implementation of the initial project.

Henry Tey as Director of Global Port Asia added that there are 5000 non Aceh visitors and 500,000 Acehnese who enter Sabang each year. The Company earns a profit from the entrance fee imposed on each visitor to Sabang from Banda Aceh. Any non-Aceh visitors will be charged US $ 2 per entry, while the Acehnese visitors are charged US $ 0.5.

Agussalim of BPKS explained that Global Port Asia is the only company that has legality and won the tender held by BPKS. In the proposal Global Port Asia says they dare to invest US $ 750 Million.

The small meeting at the Oproom of the One Stop Office of Investment and Integrated Service of Aceh was also attended by several officials in Aceh, former Vice Governor of Aceh Muzakir Manaf, Bupati of Aceh Besar Mawardi Ali, Mayor of Sabang Nazaruddin, Head of Sabang Fauzi Husin, Head of Zulkarnaeni Transportation Agency, and several Staff from other related agencies. “Before proceeding further we suggest to survey further, we Aceh Government is very supportive with this, and ready to provide the necessary data”. Said Zulkarnaeni Head of Aceh Transportation Department (YS)



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