Gayo Aceh Coffee is featured at Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2018

The world's largest coffee forum once again greeted the world coffee industry actor who took place from 19-22 April in Seattle, United States. The event titled Global Specialty Coffee Expo (GSCE) became the target of the Government of Aceh to participate as a platform to promote Serambi Mecca at global level.  The Governor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf, said Aceh with all its natural potentials from the tourism industry, agro-industry (coffee), energy and infrastructure, as well as the Sabang Free Trade Area and Port and Special Economic Zone (KEK) Arun, Lhokseumawe, were introduced to the world community . 

"I headed the Aceh delegation at the 2018 Global Specialty Coffee Expo (GSCE) event, in addition to promoting Gayo's worldwide coffee with all its unique flavors, also introducing investors to various investment opportunities in Aceh through a forum packaged by the Embassy in Washington DC Indonesia-USA Business Forum: Aceh Investment Opportunities." said Irwandi, in a press release on Sunday (4/22). 

He explained that GSCE became one of the most strategic international coffee expo, not only introducing Acehnese coffee with all its advantages. At this expo also visitors and participants who can first feel the direct enjoyment of Gayo Arabica coffee specially formulated by the barista at Aceh-Indonesia coffee booth while introducing the branding of 'The Light of Aceh' tourism. 
"The Acehnese people and the Acehnese government, especially the Acehnese coffee businessmen, should be proud of the coffee from Aceh with the branding of Green Mountain Organic Coffee, Aceh-Sumatra has been widely circulated in several major shopping centers or malls in the US This is an indicator that coffee from Aceh known and liked by the global community.We must maximize Gayo coffee products in the global market by always maintaining the quality." he said.
The Aceh Government delegation consists of the Governor of Aceh, Regent Gayo Lues, Bener Meriah Regent, Kadisbudpar Aceh, Head of DPMPTSP Aceh, coffee businessmen, coffee farmers and baristas are also involved to attend the international expo.  Head of Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) Aceh, Iskandar, said that the involvement of the Aceh Government in the GSCE 2018 event was an important moment in conveying the current message about Aceh investment opportunities with all its simplicity. 
"The opportunity and the ease of investment in Aceh presented by the Governor in business forums, not only builds connecting people relationship between Washington state society and the people of Aceh," he said.  "But it also socializes various incentives given by the Government of Aceh to potential investors, such as Law No. 11 of 2016 on the Government of Aceh, Law No. 37/2000, Government Regulation No. 11/2010 and Perpu No. 5/2017. All such legal products providing convenience for investors in investing in Aceh."  he added. 
The ease of investment with the tourism industry also can not be separated from each other. This is also expressed by Plt Kadisbudpar Aceh, Amiruddin.  "We hope the 2018 GSCE participants who attended not only see investment opportunities, but also can get a lot of information about the development of Aceh's post-tsunami tourism industry, especially the variety of natural and cultural charms of Aceh and various tourist attractions on the tip of the island of Sumatra, "he said. 
All attractions that exist today, said Amiruddin has been prepared and packed through Calendar of Event (CoE) Aceh 2018, which will make it easier for foreign tourists to visit Aceh and attract foreign tourists to see some international events such as Aceh International Marathon , Sabang Marine Festival, Aceh Freediving, Aceh Rafting and Surfing Championship, Gayo Alas Mountain International Festival, and others held throughout 2018.
"Aceh's participation in international expos is to convey the message that Aceh's tourism industry is growing and deserving of tourists with its tourism charms, as well as building an image branding about Aceh as a safe, comfortable and captivating destination presented by TVC The Light of Aceh and other promotional materials such as tour packages and souvenirs." he concluded. (OL-1)

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