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“Investment did not Exist in the Rencong Land?”

BERITAKINI.CO, Banda Aceh | Head of the Aceh Investment and One Stop Service (PMPTSP) Aulia Sofyan said that a comprehensive answer was needed regarding the realization of investment in Aceh. Because, according to him, promoting investment is a cross-sector job.

“So, when someone asks for investment, not DPMPTSP itself is the one who answers,” said Aulia when asked for her response about the question of the Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia, H. E. Mrs. Pdivi Hiltunen-Toivio to the Speaker of the DPRA Muharuddin, why until now Aceh had not been seen by investors.

Aulia said, answering the issue of investment realization could also be from several perspectives. He himself chose to explain from a promotion perspective.

To BERITAKINI.CO, Aulia explained at length in writing the promotion that had been carried out by SKPA that she led. Not to forget he also included some of the achievements of the Aceh DPMPTSP.

According to Aulia, Aceh DPMPTSP has conducted a series of promotions both at home and abroad to attract investors to invest in the land of Rencong.

In 2017, for example, Aceh’s DPMPTSP conducted overseas promotion activities in several countries, but based on invitations from organizers, such as the activities of trade, torism and investment (TTI) forums.

“Our presence is to introduce any investment potential that can be developed in Aceh, security guarantees from the government, clear and clean land, incentives and facilities provided, guarantee of availability of labor (skills and unskill), and supporting infrastructure (roads, ports , airport, availability of energy and clean water), “he said.

The same thing is also done to attract domestic investment. Aulia even said that Aceh’s DPMPTSP had already carried out investment missions with a system of picking up balls to bonafit companies in Jakarta, such as PT Jababeka. This company, said Aulia, has collaborated with the City Government of Banda Aceh.

“There is PT Jaya Saka Aceh, now they have taken care of the company’s establishment certificate, and in the near future will conduct a field visit to see the availability of land for the core land to build a sugar factory in the Bireuen and Bener Meriah regions,” he said.

He also said that the promotion carried out did not necessarily immediately realize investment. Because, he said, investors need accurate data and information about the investment plan that will be developed.

“Investors’ interest to know more about investment potential is a success in promotional activities, with interest they will make a visit to Aceh. That way, our first point is to successfully increase the number of foreign tourist destinations to Aceh, which brings multiplier effects for Aceh, flight, hotel reservations, meals, transportation, souvenirs and others, “he said.




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