Investment Plan for hydropower in Nagan Raya District

Banda Aceh, Wednesday (March 21, 2018). PT. Tri Daya Energi is one of the companies of several companies engaged in the field of renewable energy interested to invest in Aceh. The company established in 2015 has sufficient experience, in the case of Hydro Power Plant (hydropower). It was submitted by the Board of Directors of PT Tridaya Energy in a small meeting held at the One Stop Office of Investment and Integrated Services Aceh, Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Suherman as Manager of this company said some of their experience in the field of hydropower that has been operating and is still in the construction stage is; Wampu 45 MW hydroelectric power plant in Karo Sumatera Utara, 55 MW Semi-hydraulic Power Plant in Tanggamus, Lampung, Siborpa 114MW Hydroelectric Power Plant in Tapsel Sumatera Utara and 100 MW Tripa-2 Hydroelectric Power Plant in Gayo Lues Aceh.

The planned location of hydropower will be built in Nagan Raya District, which is Tripa-3 hydropower Krueng Tripa River Darul Makmur District with 192 MW capacity, Meureubo Hulu Meureubo Meureubo with 42 MW capacity and Seunagan Seunagan District Beutong District with 50 MW capacity. As for the investment value is PLTA Tripa-3 for USD 598.2 Million, PLTA Meureubo Hulu for USD 132.5 Million, and PLTA Seunagan USD 160.5 Million.

Representatives from PLN conveyed there was a change of method for cooperation with the company. The regulation refers to the Ministerial Regulation No. 50 of 2017 on the utilization of renewable energy sources for the provision of electricity, namely the PLN party that determines the location and then the developer must go through the auction process. "Unlike the former who must take care of the permission first to the new LG and then coordinate with PLN, for now the company must follow the auction location after that just take care of the permit." Said representative of PLN.

Then from the aceh Environment Agency added in principle support with this. But there are some rules that must be followed and implemented especially in the field of forestry. Referring to Qanun Number 7 of 2016 concerning Aceh's forestry, in this case concerns activities undertaken outside of Aceh's forestry activities. That a forest use permit is issued by the Governor of Aceh after receiving a technical recommendation. The meeting also presented representatives from the Aceh Economic Bureau, Regional Office of BPN Aceh, BKSDA Aceh, and Aceh ESDM Office. (YS)



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