Investment Renewable Energy Sources in Aceh

Banda Aceh, Tuesday (March 6, 2018). Electrical programs in Aceh are being intensively conducted. This is evident from the enthusiasm of companies who want to cooperate with the Aceh government to realize the bright Aceh until the corners of Aceh. Located in the meeting room of the Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency Aceh, two companies engaged in hydropower (hydropower) namely PT.Berjaya Brafo Energy and PT. Rantepao Hydro Energi presented presentation.

PT. Berjaya Brafo Energi and PT. Rantepao Hydro Energi is formed from cooperation between PT. Brantas Abripaya (BUMN) with the Abipraya Sejahtera Foundation. The company, which is headquartered in Jakarta, explains the plan for the construction of this hydropower plant located in Merah Said Village Jagong Jeget Sub-district, Central Aceh District and with installed capacity of 41MW. Jagong Jeget hydropower financing source is Rp.1.297 billion which is 30% of its own capital and another 70% of the loan. Furthermore, PT. Rantepao Hydro Energi also explained the location of the hydropower development plan located in Lumut village, Linge sub-district, Central Aceh district with a capacity of 15 MW. The investment cost of this company is Rp. 396 Billion also with own capital 30% or equal to Rp. 118.80 Billion and 70% of loan funds or Rp. 277.20 Billion.

Response from one of the meeting participants from the Environmental Office of Aceh suggested to conduct further studies, especially the negative or environmental impact caused. Do not let the location used will be relocated by the population because the forest used is productive land. Marhaini also said the company needs to coordinate with the Environment Agency to see if the place used is the path of elephant trek (animals). It needs to be done because it will endanger humans if elephants seek another route.

Representatives from PLN Aceh on the occasion also explained about the current state of Aceh's electricity. Aceh power plant plan based on RUPTL 2017-2026 as well as projection of growth of burden and power plant of Aceh electricity system year 2017-2026.  The event was attended by representatives from Dinas Pengairan, BKSDA Aceh, Aceh Land Agency, and ESDM Aceh. (YS)



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