KEK Arun Serves Investment Permit

BANDA ACEH – Special Economic Zone (KEK) Arun Lhokseumawe will serve investment license of investors starting January 2018 as the opening of Administrative Office of KEK Arun on Medan-Banda Aceh Road, Blang Lancang, Gampong Blang Pulo, Muara Batu Sub-district, Lhokseumawe City.


The head of the One Stop Door (DPMTSP) Aceh Infrastructure Office (DPMTSP) Ir Iskandar MSC delivered this statement when replying to Serambi yesterday after the Arun KEK Business Forum event at Kyriad Muraya Hotel, Banda Aceh, Thursday (14/12). “The opening of office operations is planned for the second or third week of January 2018,” Iskandar said.


Iskandar mentioned earlier that five delegations of licensing authority have not been transferred to the Baped Development Management Agency (BUPP) of KEK Arun, but now three of them have been delegated, namely the authority of licensing by the Government of Aceh, Pemko Lhokseumawe, and North Aceh Regency. “There are only two licenses, namely the authority of the BKPM and the Trade Ministry scheduled for early next month, the letter of delegation of authority has been down,” said Iskandar.


According to him, in line with the completion of the delegation of the five authorities, the second or third week of next month, it can be opened Office Administrator KEK Arun in Blang Lancang. The plan to open the Office of Administrator KEK Arun was also welcomed by Business Forum participants of KEK Arun, from business associations and businessmen in Aceh and the center, such as Kadin, Apindo, and others.


“Event Business Forum KEK Arun like this needs to be done in Jakarta, Banten, Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Medan and abroad. The goal is to promote KEK Arun abroad. To facilitate the licensing service and information about KEK Arun to investors, we have also opened Representative Office of KEK Arun Administration at Jalan Bangka Raya Number 107, Jakarta, “said Iskandar.


The three speakers at Business Forum KEK Arun yesterday was the National Council of KEK, Bambang Wijanarko, President Director of PT Patriot Nusantara Aceh, Birman Prabowo. This company is acting as Business Development and Management Agency (BUPP) KEK Arun. The third speaker, Representative of PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda (PIM), T Suhatsyah. The three speakers in the discussion moderated the Executive Editor Daily Serambi, Yarmen Dinamika, optimistic KEK Arun will quickly develop.

The reason, according to Bambang because infrastructure facilities KEK Arun better than some KEK in Indonesia. “Now it’s only a matter of how the Managing Director and PT PT Patriot Nusantara Aceh’s personnel are good and good, which raises the investor’s confidence in investing in KEK Arun,” Bambang said.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Patriot Nusantara Aceh, Birman Prabowo, among others, said it will involve local businessmen proportionally and professionally in this project, in addition to providing convenience and discount various taxes. As for T Suhatsyah, among others, said the presence of a number of state-owned companies in KEK Arun, such as PT PIM, Pelindo and PT Pertamina, will accelerate the operation of KEK and have a positive impact on the economic activities of communities, regions and national.

“Various fertilizer factories can be present in KEK Arun, provided that raw materials and gas energy sources in Aceh are no longer exported abroad, but are used as the raw material for fertilizer and industrial plants in KEK Arun, including LNG gas that Medco will produce from the fields gas that has been found, “said Suhatsyah. (her)



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