Korean Companies Plan Krueng Tripa Investment

Banda Aceh – South Korean energy company BS Energy plans to work on Krueng Tripa’s power potential in Gayo Lues and Nagan Raya. Hydroelectric power plants in the two districts have a potential energy of 306 megawatts.

Vice President BS Energy, Mr. Kwon, said their company has experienced investment in the energy sector in Indonesia. Previously BS Energy has been working on Wampu (45 MW) hydropower in North Sumatra, PLTA Semangka (56 MW) in Lampung and Siborpa hydropower (114 MW).

“In addition to Tripa we have investment plans in other areas as well,” said Kwon when met governor Irwandi in his office on Friday (18/05/2018). In these two places BS Energy will invest 1,050 US Dollars. In Tripa 2 worth 400 US Dollars (114 MW) and 650 US Dollar investment in Tripa 3 (192 MW).

Currently, the entire initial licensing process has been completed. Now, both companies are in the pre qualification stage of PLN. Therefore, BS Energy expects the Aceh government’s support, confirming the seriousness of the South Korean company when PLN confirmed the company’s related to the Aceh government.
“Our only constraint is access to difficult locations. (Until now) everything is still manual. We are hiring 60 local workers to bring tools to it, “Kwon said.

Kwon explained that if the investment is successful, BS Energy could support the Aceh government in providing electricity and cheap and self-supporting. In addition, the construction of the hydropower plant can also help to lower the cost of providing electricity (BPP) of PLN electricity in Aceh.

“It will certainly increase economic growth in Gayo Lues and Nagan Raya and provide business opportunities because we will involve local and national contractors,” said Kwon. In addition, Kwon also invited the governor of Aceh to see directly one of the PLTA that has been invested BS Energy.

Meanwhile, Aceh Governor Irwandi Yusuf, said the Aceh government is very supportive of BS Energy’s efforts to invest funds in Aceh for the construction of hydropower plants in Krueng Tripa. “In addition to boosting economic growth, this investment will definitely provide jobs for the community,” said Irwandi.



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