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Aceh Investment and One Stop Integrated Services Agency (DPMPTSP Aceh)

About Us

Aceh Investment and One Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP Aceh) has a general duty of Government and Development in the field of investment development, promotion and licensing services and non-licensing integrally with the principle of certainty, security, coordination, integration, synchronization, transparency and simplification based legislation applicable.

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The economic growth of a country is influenced by several factors, namely: consumption, government expenditure, investment and export-import. Among these factors, only investment that can be spurred growth without limit, both investment originating from domestic and abroad. Therefore, an increase in investment should be pursued to the maximum extent possible, by increasing the interest of potential investors to invest in Aceh.
Conducive investment climate such as legal certainty, political stability and security guarantees, pro government investment policies, and the availability of adequate public facilities and infrastructure, are the main factors that can increase the interest of potential investors. Legal certainty is needed in an effort to attract investors. This is marked by the alignment of regulation of investment field, both at national and regional levels. Conversely, overlapping or conflicting legal products will confuse and make it difficult for investors to run and develop their business. Therefore, revamping the legislation in the field of investment should continue. Another important factor is political stability and security.

From the implementation of duty in the field of investment in previous years it can be concluded that one of the causes of non-conducive investment climate in Aceh is because there is still an unequal understanding of the importance of investment for economic recovery and job creation. This is characterized by disturbances of some societies; Irrational land prices; As well as other rejections that cause investors not to engage in investment or business expansion activities in Aceh Province. Because this factor can not be directly controlled by the national / regional agency of capital investment, active coordination with the police, district / municipality government, government at the village / village level to the wider community on an ongoing basis is required. In fact, the role of the community through national and local political parties in Aceh is so important after the Helsinki MoU implemented through Law No. 11 of 2006 on Aceh Governance.

With the general election of regional heads in 2012 peacefully, the attractiveness of prospective investors in Aceh is expected to grow larger in the future. The third thing that becomes the main factor for investment activity is government policy. The basic principle is that investment activities will be greater in quality and quantity if the government facilitates licensing and other services in the field of investment. Therefore, regulatory reform efforts to increase the interest of prospective new investors need to continue to be based on input from the business world and learn from the experience of other countries. Likewise, the availability of adequate public facilities and infrastructure should be provided by the government. Intensive coordination with relevant technical agencies for synchronizing infrastructure planning with investment needs also needs to be improved so that facilities and infrastructure to production centers can be met.

As has been the case in the last five years, various investments in Aceh need to be encouraged to continue to grow, whether facilities investment, non-facility investment, household investment, and government investment. Private sector investments need to be cultivated because government investment is very limited and only to non-profit sectors that are not sought by private parties, such as the provision of public facilities and infrastructure (infrastructure). In addition, improving the quality and quantity of local workforce to fill the local labor market is also carried out in tandem so that investment activities in Aceh can really be felt by the community.
With the birth of the Law of Aceh Government no. 11 of 2006 and the establishment of a more autonomous government, the Government of Aceh through the Office of Investment and Integrated Services One Door can be more independent duty to carry out the preparation of investment planning on a macro basis; Identifying regional superior potentials; Conduct promotional activities and investment cooperation; To compile regulations on investment licensing; Conduct control and supervision and provide one-door integrated services.
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