Solar Cell in Supporting Green Energy in Aceh

Banda Aceh, on Tuesday (February 27, 2018). Electrical energy is one of the needs of modern society is very important and vital. The absence of electrical energy will greatly disrupt the continuity of human activity. Therefore the continuity and availability of electrical energy needs to be maintained. For people living in urban and surrounding areas, electrical energy is not a problem. Because the electrical energy provided by the State Electricity Company (PLN) has been available in the area. But for people living in remote and remote islands, electrical energy is a big problem. Because PLN electricity network has not reached in the area. One solution that can overcome the lack of electrical energy in the remote area is to convert sunlight into an abundance of electricity using photovoltaic technology or also called Solar Power (PLTS).

This is what is offered by PT. SMS NU Energy to overcome the lack of electrical energy in remote areas in Aceh, yesterday located at the Office of Investment and Integrated Services One Pintu Aceh. PT. SMS NU Energy is a company incorporated under Indonesian company law. Nu Energy is currently focusing on promoting renewable energy business. They said they have the experience and expertise to conduct consulting services, initial design, regulatory compliance, PPA / Fit negotiations, EPC contracts, financing structures, operations and maintenance. This company has been established for 5 years and has been successfully done in several areas in Indonesia.

Amran Muhammad Board of Directors PT. SMS Nu Energy asks PLN to tell where the areas that are still a constraint for PLN to meet the electricity needs in Aceh. Meeting participants who represented from PLN informed there were 2 methods of electric power purchase by the first private party that is in accordance with Government Regulation No. 50 of 2017 which is for PLTS limited by kouta auction capacity, for Aceh koutanya there is 20 MW and has been auctioned PLN Center and of its locations are in auction process.

Then the second method is to refer to the latest rules of the board of directors is not obliged to buy but allowed to buy if a system requires electricity with provisions that do not violate the rules of PLN and not interfere with the existing PLN system. PLN's target to increase the elertification ratio in Aceh 2018 reaches 100% for village ratios, where there are 12 more villages to be enlivened with network builders or by building power plants. PLN party added but did not close the possibility for private parties such as PT. SMS NU Energy wants to build on the location of 12 villages with the second method.

In the same occasion Iskandar as Head of the Office of Investment and Integrated Services One Pintu Aceh said it would definitely support by providing recommendations let alone by looking at PT. Nu Energy SMS is already expert and focuses on green energy method. The event was participated by representatives from the Office of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Regional Office of BPN Aceh, the Office of Environment and Forestry of Aceh, and the Natural Resources Conservation Center (YS)



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