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Banda Aceh, Tuesday (31 Juli 2018). The target realization of investment that continues to increase each year, the basis for continuing to improve licensing regulations. For this reason, coordination of the monitoring, coaching and supervision functions becomes an important task that must be done together, said Agus Joko Saptono SP.ME, as BKPM RI Regional Director I.

In accordance with Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018, the government, through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, has launched Electronic Integrated Business Licensing (OSS) services. Through OSS, business actors can manage licensing either through institutions that have long handled the filing of licensing attempts or through oss.go.id. The OSS service ensures business permissions can be taken care of within a short period of time. In fact, business actors or investors can know firsthand whether they get incentives and what kind of incentives are obtained through the OSS system. “Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 on licensing seeks to encourage our increasing competitiveness, OSS is expected to be the answer to complaints from business actors and investors who have been constrained by technical matters when handling permits,” Agus added.


The event, which was held at the Al-Hanifi Hotel in Banda Aceh, also invited resource persons Tia Wanodya CA, as Head of the Primary and Tertiary sectors in the Aceh, North Sumatra and West Sumatra regions of the BKPM RI Region I Directorate. Companies that already have a permit during the construction period must report LKPM 4 times a year (quarterly) and if the company has been operating it must submit a report every six months (semester).

The presentation at the last session was delivered by Ir. Jonni, as the Head of the Aceh Investment Board for DPMPTSP Implementation Control, with the title “When did the role of Dalak begin?”. In the presentation Jonni, said that the role of controlling the implementation of investment began when the company’s principle permit was issued, the guidance, monitoring and supervision were carried out.
The participants who attended the Investment Implementation Control Coordination Meeting in 2018 included DPMPTSP districts / cities and related SKPA in the Province. (YS).

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