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Banda Aceh, Wednesday (August 15, 2018). The Government of Aceh through the Aceh Investment and One-Stop Service (DPMPTSP) also supports the development of Aceh tourism seriously in various cultural and natural potentials. One of them was the implementation of the three-day Tourism Business Matching and Famtrip activities from August 13-15 2018 which became one of the 7th activities of the Aceh Cultural Week (PKA) which was attended by 24 top table participants consisting of 47 buyer and seller participants come from Aceh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Jakarta, Palembang, Riau, Medan, and Bandung.

The highlight of the Aceh Tourism Business Matching and Famtrip activities held at the Hermes Palace Hotel in Banda Aceh was opened directly by the Deputy Chairperson of the Aceh Tourism Business Matching Section and Famtrip, Acting. The Head of the Aceh Tourism and Culture Office, Amiruddin Tjoet Hasan, represented the Head of the Aceh DPMPTSP as Section Chair, where in his remarks the Aceh Government was very enthusiastic to bring Aceh into a superior cultural destination. Aceh itself is well known, visited, and feels unique by travelers from various backgrounds of world culture. As is known, Aceh has won various awards for National Halal Tourism competition in 2016, namely as the Best Muslim Tourist Friendly Culture destination, Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport as the Best Muslim Tourist Friendly Airport, and Baiturrahman Great Mosque Banda Aceh as the Best Tourist Attraction. In addition, Aceh also received an award at the Halal Tourism Award in 2016, namely Aceh as the World ‘s Halal Cultural Destination and the Best Airport for Halal Travelers.

For this reason, the Government of Aceh continues to develop tourism in a serious and planned manner as set out in the National Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPN) and detailed in the Regional Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPDA). In line with this, several regions have been prepared to become tourist destinations in Aceh, namely the City of Banda Aceh, the City of Sabang, the District of Aceh Besar, Singkil Regency, the Gayo Plateau, Simeulue District, and other Regencies that have tourism potential. The Government of Aceh offers investment in the development of Wista support facilities, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants and others, especially in the Sabang Free Port and Free Trade Area whose land is clear and clean, with fast licensing and incentives that benefit the business world. Tourism development is inseparable from the role of tourism sector businessmen such as travel agents, tour planners, event organizers, MICE service providers, as well as other business people so that the existence of Tourism Business Matching and Famtrip events is a very selective event for all parties, sellers and buyers to find potential business partners. The Aceh government expects this event and Famtrip activities to expand the business network of tourism sector businesses with market share, business partners, and new destinations so that Aceh’s culture remains sustainable, but can also provide multiplyer effects for the economic movement of the Acehnese people. (EK)



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