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Workshop of General Investment Plans District/City of Aceh

Banda Aceh, on Wednesday (July 26, 2017). The General Plan of Investment (RUPM) is based on the potential and characteristics of each region and still refers to the direction of the established Investment policy. Aceh province has established RUPM in 2014, while for District/City in Aceh only 10 (ten) districts / cities. While 6 (six) new districts / cities budgeted in 2017 and still the process of discussion and academic texts. However, there are still 7 (seven) regencies / municipalities that have not been identified by its RUPM.

The above mentioned by, Mrs. Syarifah, as Head of Investment Planning Division, Office of Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) Aceh in the Workshop of RUPM Development of district / City. The event was opened by Mr. Jakfaruddin, as Head of Complaint, Policy and Reporting of DPMPTSP Service, representing Head of DPMPTSP. The event held on Wednesday (26/07) took place at Grand Nanggroe Hotel Banda Aceh.

In the event presented speakers from BKPM RI, Ali Fauzi, ST, M.Kom, as Head of Metal, Machine, Textile and Multifarious Industry Sub-division. He explained that only 21 provinces in Indonesia have established RUPM with percentage of about 62%, while for district / City in Indonesia which has set new RUPMK as much as 59 district / City with 11% percentage. There are still many provinces and districts / municipalities that have not determined the RUPM will certainly hamper the growth of development and of course the area will be a loss.

Participants from DPMPTS district /city and Bappeda of district/city were quite enthusiastic in participating in the workshop, this was marked by the active participants in asking and giving arguments about RUPM. One participant from Lhokseumawe City named Sari Anita said RUPM is already in existence and is being revised in accordance with nomenclature. DPMPTSP Lhokseumawe city and also Bappeda Lhokseumawe city plans to form a Special Team for RUPM preparation. However, they are constrained by the understanding of the stages of RUPM preparation.
Meanwhile, Muhammad Faisal from DPMPTSP Aceh Timur district asked about what data sources support the RUPM development. According to sources the data can be obtained from DPMPTSP Aceh or BPS Province or District / City, while Bappeda only as facilitator.

Further questions from Mr. Renaldi (Aceh Barat Daya district) regarding the source of funds in making the RUPMK and what data can be given Bappeda to assist the process of making RUPMK. “The source of funds comes from DPMPTSP district/city and is part of RENSTRA”, Mr. Ali Fauzi said. (MJ, YS).



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